Contribute to Paperback

Welcome to Paperback contributing guide. If Paperback initially is a closed source application, it involves a pretty important open source ecosystem. Everyone is welcome to contribute and help in our various projects!

# Paperback ecosystem

You will find all of our projects in our GitHub organization (opens new window). Additionally, discussions usually take place in the development channels of our Discord server. You're more than welcome to join in on the conversation!

Here are some of our main projects:

  • Paperback extensions
    Extensions for the application are developed and maintained by the community. These currently consist of sources for pulling content into the app, but in the near future, this will also include manga tracker implementations. Get started with our source development guide.

  • Paperback website
    Any help improving this website (opens new window) is definitely welcome.

  • Paperback extensions-common
    Contains the models and type definitions necessary for developing a Paperback extension.

  • Paperback CLI
    Our CLI tool to bundle extensions repositories.

  • Backup Converter
    We are working on a backup converter for Paperback.
    Its code is available on Tachiyomi To Paperback backup Converter (opens new window) repository. It can be used on our website backup converter.