# Introduction to sources

# A Manga Reader Without Servers

When developing a Manga Reader, first and foremost, you need to gather your content from somewhere. There are many services out there, such as WebToons or MangaDex which run their own content providing system which their applications can attach to without many issues.

If you do not hold this kind of infrastructure, as Paperback does not, the app needs to be designed in a way where it can dynamically read other content providers.

This design paradigm has many benefits. The Apple App Store is very restrictive on content provided to iOS and iPadOS devices, however with a generic source system which can be added into the application at runtime allows all sorts of content to be made available, only requiring the users to install each module correctly.

Enter the Paperback Extension system. If you are familiar with Tachiyomi (opens new window) this system is practically the same. Users are free to develop an extension completely independent with the Paperback application builds and updates, and publish generic sources which are simply parsing definitions which understand how to import the contents of X website.

# Where do I start?

Developing a source is pretty easy, you only need basic programming knowledge. Some understanding of git may help but is not required.