# Source development quickstart

# Preparing the development environment

  1. Create your own fork of one of our repositories, like Extensions Promises (opens new window).

  2. Create a new branch before working on your new fork. The method of branching depends on the Git CLI/GUI that you use, reference your software manual, or contact us if you need help with this step.

  3. Clone the fork you've just created on your computer.

  4. Install dependencies by running

    npm install

You are ready to start developing a source. When you think the source should be available for users, submit a pull request to one of our repository.

If you need help figuring to which repository you should submit your new pull request, don't hesitate to contact us.


# Try and bundle a repository

Running tests

On Visual Studio Code, open the source test file, go to Run and Debug then press Mocha Current File

Testing the repository in Paperback application

Start a webserver by running the following command in your repository folder. You will be able to add it to Paperback application.

paperback serve

Bundle the repository

Run in your repository folder:

paperback bundle