# Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the app and our plans or need help with installing the app, try checking our guides and faq entries. If you haven't found what you needed, feel free to join the Discord and ask.

# General Information

# Why are you making this app?

There are no decent manga apps on iOS and iPadOS that have non-intrusive advertisements or MangaDex support.

# What type of business model will you take on?

There are no plans to adopt a formal business model. As long as Patreon covers the costs of an Apple Developer Account, profit is secondary. It would be nice to get support for development of the app, but there will be no fee to use Paperback.

# Where can I find this app?

Currently an early version of the app is available on TestFlight! Check Paperback Installation Guide to download a copy.

If you are a patreon, you will receive an email to your patreon address regarding information about accessing Paperback through TestFlight. The TestFlight version of the application contains many additional beta features which can be used before it becomes available on the public one.


  • (August 1st): The app is currently not available in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, India and South Africa. We're working on getting the app back into the Appstore in those countries, but if you want to get the app you can make a new Apple ID from a country outside of the blocked countries.

  • (August 11th): The public build will now be on TestFlight for 1,499 users. This limit will increase with time as we figure out how to publish the app.

  • Paperback Installation Guide

# Troubleshooting

If you're having problems with the app, please check here before posting. If you're having an issue that is not listed here, please use the #support channel on Discord to ask questions.

# App crashes on launch

Ensure that you are on iOS 13.4+ or iPadOS 13.4+.

If you are using the Beta / Patron build, they are usually unstable. If you are on the correct versioning for your device, and are still getting crashes, you may be encountering a known or unknown bug for your Paperback version. Contact us on our Discord #supporter-chat channel, and staff will try to determine what's happening with you.

# App crashes after trying to download a manga

Downloading manga currently does not work and breaks the app. You will need to delete and reinstall the app to fix this issue.

# How do I filter languages

In the app, go to Settings > Content Settings.

# I am on the public version of Paperback! When will other manga sources be added?

Currently other manga sources are already available on the patreon version of the application. Sources on the public version of the app are expected to come most likely at the end of July.

# I am on the public version of Paperback! When can I download manga to my device for offline viewing?

Currently downloading manga is already available on the patreon version of the application. Sources on the public version of the app are expected to come most likely at the end of July.

# How do I enable Hentai

Go to MangaDex Settings and login. Look for the Hentai toggle and choose Show toggle (in navbar cog). Then restart the app and go to Settings > Content Settings.

# My content settings are reset everytime I open the app

When you are logging in, make sure that Remember me is checked on the page. Also make sure that your email address is verified on MangaDex.

# The reader is open but stays blank when I try to read a chapter

  • Try to switch between the horizontal and vertical viewer. If switching doesn't fix it, try to read the same chapter on Safari, if it works, ping @Paper on the Discord #support channel.
  • Some chapters are taken off of MangaDex due to group conflicts or chapters being scans of the official translations.

# A blue X appears sometimes when I try to read a chapter

Swipe a couple of pages away and then come back to the failed page, it should have been reloaded. If that doesn't work, close the reader and open the chapter again.

# Pages often fail/take a long time to load

  • If you're in SEA (Southeast Asia) get a VPN (Psiphon or ProtonVPN) MangaDex servers have routing issues in SEA.
  • If you're not in SEA and still face this issue, see if there's any announcements in the MangaDex discord about issues or maintenance.

# Manga are not showing up in my library after I follow them?

  • Sign into MangaDex on a browser and go to your settings to set the H toggle to "Show All."
  • Then you need to sign into MangaDex on Paperback, hitting remember me for a year, and go into your Content Settings in the app to again, "Show All."

# I can't find X manga but it's on MangaDex

  • If the manga is REALLY new (1st chapter added in the last hour) it wont be available until after an hour.
  • If the manga isn't new, chances are it's restricted. At the moment, the app doesn't support reading restricted manga. Read the manga on the website instead.
  • The manga may be licensed for the MangaDex extension, but you may try to find the other titles on other community sources.

# Syncing lists takes a really long time

Syncing more than 1,000 manga will take some time however, you can improve this by changing the list type on Follows page of MD:

  • On Safari, go to MangaDex Follows and change the display list to Simple list from the menu in the top right of the table.

# How do notifications work?

The app will periodically check for updates in the background when iOS allocates time for it. You can expedite the process by hitting refresh once to check for updates. This does not guarantee that notifications will work immediately after.

# Sorting by Latest Updates doesn't work

This works but it doesn't respect user's selected language. Try to use Update Count sorting instead.

# I have an issue that's not listed here

If it's a bug, file a bug report on GitHub for review. Otherwise, ask for help on the Discord #support channel.