# External Source Repositories

# What is an External Repository?

Paperback out of the box only comes with MangaDex as a source for manga. The app however has support for adding sources from external repositories which are not on the official listings. Beta Sources, 18+ Sources, and sources developed independently are seperated due to Paperback having to adhere to Apple policies in order to be distributed through TestFlight and the Apple App Store.

# Adding an External Repository

  1. Open up Paperback on your device
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab of the application
  3. Navigate to the Sources tab inside of Settings
  4. At the bottom of the page, you are able to add a repository by specifying a name, and the URL which the repository sits at. Ensure that your repository title is at least 4 characters long

    Reference the Known Repositories section for a list of known repositories, their links, and what they contain

  5. Tap "Add"
  6. Select the repository that you have added, which should have appeared in the list of repositories on this page

    If you do not see sources, you may have typed in your Base URL incorrectly. Delete the repository and try again. If you do see sources, congratulations!

# Known Repositories

This is a list of all of the known repositories currently for Paperback, as well as the repository contents.

Repository Name Base URL Available Sources Notes
Official Repository Built into Paperback
    Officially maintained repository, sources which are available and simply need enabled inside of the app
    H-Extensions https://paperback-ios.github.io/h-extensions
      Official repository for 18+ sources. These also include redirector versions of the source, which allow you to view content even if it is blocked in your country, without a VPN
      Beta Extensions https://conradweiser.github.io/extensions
        These extensions are upcoming to the official repository. These sources may or may not work