# Set your content settings

In order to adjust your content settings, including allowing more mature content to display in Paperback, you need to have a Paperback account.

Set your content settings

  1. Visit Paperback Portal (opens new window)
  2. Login with your Paperback Account - or create one if you don't have one
  3. Change the content setting to your liking
  4. Logout of the app if you were logged in
  5. Login again

Notes: If you set your content settings to "Adult" on the portal, you can restrict what content appears in the app by going into Settings > General Settings > Content Filtering

# Some common problems

# I've updated my settings on the portal, why has it not changed in my app?

Simply restart the app by removing it from your app switcher

# I have selected Adult but it's not saving my selection..

Clear your safari cache, login to the Portal through an incognito window.

# It says communication error?

Verify your email, check spam/promotion.

# Troubleshooting