# Install the Patreon version

If you are not a Patreon supporter and want to install the public build, you can check our other installation guides.


This app requires iOS 13.4+ or iPadOS 13.4+. If you have an older version, the app will CRASH. Paperback is NOT designed for older iOS and iPadOS versions.

# Installation

# Request an invite

After registering as a Patreon (opens new window) supporter to Paperback, you need to request a TestFlight invite from our Discord bot:

  1. Join Paperback Discord (opens new window) server
  2. Link your Discord account from your Patreon Profile Settings (opens new window)

    Read more on how to do it here (opens new window)

  3. On Discord, send a direct message (a DM) to Paperback Bot#1108
    Type inside the DMs: pb beta invite PatreonEmailAddress

    Replace PatreonEmailAddress with your email address.

You should receive an email shortly with your TestFlight invite.

# Installation instructions

  1. Inside of the invite email, click the button labeled "View in TestFlight"
  2. Download the TestFlight app onto your device from the App Store
  3. At the top of your TestFlight app, there is a "Redeem" button. Select this, and input the code which you have received through the email link
  4. Download the application through TestFlight

    Whenever there is an update to the application, you will have to return to TestFlight and select the "Update" button next to the app. It does not do this process automatically. If the setting is enabled for TestFlight, you will get a push notification to your device whenever an update is available

# Installation FAQ

# You only have one invite per 6 hours

If you made a mistake, you may have to 6 hours to be able to request for a new invite.

# I made a typo/mistake when I sent my email to the bot

If you made a typo/mistake, you need to wait 6 hours for a new invite.

# I am getting an ERROR INSTANCE ID

Make sure your Discord name is in alphanumeric characters. Using other special characters will not work.

# I can not get my supporter role

Link your Discord account from your Patreon Profile Settings (opens new window)

Read more on how to do it here (opens new window) It is also possible that you have done a custom pledge. Making a Custom Pledge with Patreon will not allow you to have access to the Patreon Testflight. Make sure to verify that YOU HAVE SELECTED A TIER. You will only get your supporter role and your invite if you select a tier. Everything is sold out? WAIT. Do not pledge. If you want a refund, please let us know immediately on our Discord (opens new window) server.

# I can not send a DM to Paperback Bot#1108

There can be a few reasons why you are unable to send a direct message to someone. Here are the possible reasons below: • You've disabled direct messages on your shared server. • You have not completed the required membership screening steps in your shared server.

Read more on how to do it here (opens new window)

# Requesting an invite from Paperback Bot#1108 didn't work

Are you sure you carefully followed all previous steps? If yes, please go to our Discord server #support channel. Our staff will help you get an invite.

# Troubleshooting