# Install the public build with AltStore

# Installation

Paperback can be sideloaded with AltStore. You can grab the app from the Altstore repository here (opens new window).

Video tutorial

If you prefer using a video tutorial, Artesians made a beautiful one. You will find it here (opens new window) for Windows and here (opens new window) for macOS.

The installation guides use outdated UI. Please ignore it.

# Prerequisites

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, download the app from here. The app will download as Paperback.ipa.
  2. Download AltServer (opens new window) for your operating system.


This app requires iOS 13.4+ or iPadOS 13.4+. If you have an older version, the app will CRASH. Paperback is NOT designed for older iOS versions.

# Installation FAQ

# I get "Access Denied" when trying to install AltStore

Run AltServer as an administrator and ensure that you've restarted your computer after installing iTunes and iCloud.

# I can't find the .IPA file to download

You can download the .IPA file from here.

# I have some other issue that isn't listed here

Check the AltStore FAQ (opens new window). If you still can't resolve the issue visit the #support channel on our Discord (opens new window).

# Troubleshooting