# Install the Public build with TestFlight


This app requires iOS 13.4+ or iPadOS 13.4+. If you have an older version, the app will CRASH. Paperback is NOT designed for older iOS and iPadOS versions.

# TestFlight

# Request an invite

  1. Join Paperback Discord (opens new window) server.
  2. Follow our announcement channel to be updated with Testflight spots.

# Installation instructions

  1. Remove every other version of Paperback
  2. Inside of the email, click the button labeled "View in TestFlight"
  3. Download the TestFlight app onto your device from the App Store
  4. At the top of your TestFlight app, there is a "Redeem" button. Select this, and input the code which you have received through the email link
  5. Download the application through TestFlight

    Whenever there is an update to the application, you will have to return to TestFlight and select the "Update" button next to the app. It does not do this process automatically. If the setting is enabled for TestFlight, you will get a push notification to your device whenever an update is available

# Installation FAQ

# I am a Patreon supporter.

Refer to our Patreon installation guide

# I get "The beta is full" when trying to install the app

There can only be a limited number of testers on TestFlight due to the 10k testers limit enforced by Apple. To install the app you can use an other method of installation like sideloading with AltStore.

# Troubleshooting