# Tachiyomi to Paperback Backup Converter


Recently Tachiyomi updated their backup formatting from .json to a .gz extension using Protocol Buffers. This tool will only work on the new version of backups. Legacy backups are unsupported.

Provide a Tachiyomi .gz Backup

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Upload a Tachiyomi .proto.gz backup

    Supported Sources

    Because Tachiyomi and Paperback both work with community-created sources, the backup conversion process can only use sources which both Paperback and Tachiyomi share.

    Below is a list of Tachiyomi sources which this tool is able to handle.

    • Manganelo
    • MangaDex
    • MangaLife
    • Mangasee
    • MangaReader
    • Guya

    Additional source functionality will be added in the near future