# Tachiyomi and Paperback Backup Converter


Recently Tachiyomi updated their backup formatting from .json to a .gz extension using Protocol Buffers. This tool will only work on the new version of backups. Legacy backups are unsupported.

Only Paperback backups using the backupSchemaVersion 3 format (Paperback 0.6 and newer) are supported.

Provide a backup

Supported Sources

Because Tachiyomi and Paperback both work with community-created sources, the backup conversion process can only use sources which both Paperback and Tachiyomi share.

Below is a list of sources which this tool is able to handle.
  • Guya
  • MangaDex
  • MangaLife
  • Manganato
  • MangaSee
We care about your privacy, the conversion process is done on your device and your backup will never be uploaded to the internet.

Contact us if you need additional sources support.